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October 5, 2012 |  by  |  Examples, HD Short Films, Video

This was a promo video we produced for our church, GracePoint. Initially the idea was to have a simple video featuring our pastor simply talking to the camera about the ministries at GracePoint. We thought it would be better to hear some of the stories of people who have been directly affected by those ministries. It was a great experience to just talk, listen, and capture the thoughts of the 5 interviewees. My favorite shots happen to be all the images of water, which we used as a metaphor for community. I spent months going to different locations to capture all that water. Everywhere I would go, my eyes would naturally go to water, since I had trained myself to watch out for it. I hope you enjoy it. Leave your thoughts below.

About the author

Nathan Jeffers is a Photographer, Filmmaker, and occasional Graphic Designer. He has a bachelor's degree in Film Production from Biola University. He shoots on Canon and edits on Mac. Nathan lives in Southern California with his wife Michelle. He hopes to never stop learning and continually improve his work.

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