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Rachel Grad Portraits

Rachel Grad Portraits

January 12, 2012 |  by  |  Examples, Photo, Portraits

Michelle and I always love it when someone brings great ideas and their own personality to a photography session. It helped a bit that Rachel is my sister, but she has always been outgoing. She brought along some umbrellas, suitcases, books, and hats as props for the shoot and it gave the photos a lot of character. It was also raining during the shoot, so that was a fun challenge. Michelle was holding the umbrella over me as I crouched down on the train tracks trying to get the shot. Check out the results of our awesome time below.






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Nathan Jeffers is a Photographer, Filmmaker, and occasional Graphic Designer. He has a bachelor's degree in Film Production from Biola University. He shoots on Canon and edits on Mac. Nathan lives in Southern California with his wife Michelle. He hopes to never stop learning and continually improve his work.

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